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22, July 2010

Plumas Sanitation launches new website

Graeagle, California – July 22, 2010 – Owners Lance and Leslie Wehrman are pleased to announce the launch of the Plumas Sanitation website.

2010 promises to be a pivotal year for Plumas Sanitation as green technologies are on the horizon and the launch of their website hit viewers last week on the Internet.

With a fresh, clean design visitors to the site will expect to find the unexpected with the combination of enhanced product photography, highly creative graphic design and eventually interactive video of upcoming groundbreaking events.  Visitors to the site can stay up to date with all of these developments in the News Section, a new implementation of the website.

The debut of this website will pave the way for upcoming green technologies.  Because, like many sanitation companies these days, jumping on the green bandwagon is not seen as just a trend, but rather, a responsible strategy for forward thinking companies.

To this design, a Frequently Asked Question Section was added to the site giving visitors helpful information on everything from septic system problems and location to figuring out the number of portable toilets needed for an event.

The Product Section features the entire range of portable toilets with description, specs and color choice, so choosing for either construction site needs or wedding events become simplified since it can be visualized.

Even the tag line, Plumas Sanitation, keeping the environment from going to waste reinforces this green message. Wehrman feels it’s all about what you can do for your environment – innovative and creative approaches are keeping this company competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.  And it is precisely this notion that will keep Plumas Sanitation moving in the green direction for tomorrow.

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