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Plumas Sanitation Handicap Toilets

Handicap Toilet

Liberty Features:

Freedom 2 Colors

Wheelchair Accessible: This spacious wheelchair accessible unit is easy to move, transport and definitely provides users with room to maneuver.

Durable, Modern Design: The patented flat floor system, combined with the strength of the side walls, forms a sleek, modern unit that retains its shape over the life of the product.

Made For Convenience: Inside, Liberty’s™ handrails, paper holder and unbeatable rotary latch/indicator system are designed and positioned for simplicity and ease of use.


Handicap Toilet

Freedom 2 Features:

Freedom 2 Colors

ADA Compliant: The Freedom 2 offers full ADA compliance as well as adequate wheelchair turning space

Added Rental Value: Easily converted to a Standing Room Only urinal unit, the this restroom allows you to serve two profitable niches with added flexibility.

Durable, lightweight Construction: The cabana is build with rugged polyethylene for years of durable use, and the seamless roof adds strength and stability.