Flushing Toilet


Flushing Toilet

PJN3 Features:

  • Unique ventilation systems
  • Spacious design allows for most efficient use of interior space
  • Sleek easy-to-handle exterior design
  • Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • New corner tank design with deep sump area
  • Offers the best value for multiple markets from construction sites to upscale events
  • New non-splash urinal
Toilet Colors
Description Values
Exterior Height 91 in / 231 cm
Interior Height 83 in / 211 cm
Exterior Width 47 in / 119 cm
Interior Width 45.5 in / 116 cm
Standard Base Exterior Length 48 in / 121.9 cm
Exterior Length (Optional Signature Style Handle Base) 47 in / 119 cm
Interior Length 43 in / 109 cm
Side Wall Panel Decal Area 6 in x 37 in / 15cm x 94 cm
Door Decal Area 22.5 in x 29 in / 57cm x 74 cm
Seat Height 19.5 in / 49 cm
Door Frame Width (i.d.) 26 in / 66 cm
Door Frame Height (i.d.) 75 in / 191 cm
Holding Tank 60 gal / 227 L
Weight - Static Model (less sink) 195 lbs / 88 kg
Weight - Flush Model 243 lbs / 110 kg
Holding Flush Tank 40 gal / 151 L

Standard Toilet

Portable Toilets and Portable Restrooms are not all alike. PolyJohn's Portable Toilets and Restrooms are the best in the world. Our PJN3 Portable Restroom features:

  • Door mounted Mirror and Handle
  • Advanced waste tank design with rounded slope top and conveniently placed deep central sump
  • Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • Non-splash urinal

The PJN3's design helps portable sanitation operators by providing a restroom that is easily serviceable with the following benefits:

  • Reduced time for pumping, wipe downs, and drip dries
  • Reduced risk of structural damage to front assembly
  • Sag resistant door assembly

Also available are the We'll Care III - ADA Compliant and the Comfort Inn - Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms. All of PolyJohn's Portable Restrooms are made of high-grade polyethylene material and offer great revenue generating opportunities.

Our Comfort Inn Portable Restroom features:

  • Wheelchair accessible with a compact design
  • Can be moved easily by one person
  • Spacious design permits greater movement
  • Inexpensive and suits many needs

Our We'll Care Portable Restroom features:

  • Design certified to meet and exceed ADA requirements
  • Heavy-duty Ryobi door closure with adjustable door closing speed
  • Interior allows for wheelchairs to turn 360
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Convenient grab bars

High Tech II Features:

Flushing Toilet
Flushing Toilet

High Tech Colors

Satellite has addressed the expectations of today’s customer with the High Tech II – by adding amenities (such as the stainless steel bowl found in the Deluxe Flush model), the toughest materials available and the utmost in design and creative innovation found in any portable toilet today.

  • A distinctive look that will set your operation apart from the competition
  • Increased opportunities for greater profitability with a higher rental value and minimized maintenance costs for upkeep
  • Greatest value and most affordable flushing unit available when compared to a self-contained or trailer-mounted restroom
  • Durable construction substantially reduces service calls typically associated with flushing units with little to no maintenance required
  • Enhances the overall user experience of a portable restroom with amenities that feel “closer to home”
  • Exceeds the demands and expectations of rental operators and the public alike with a level of quality and excellence that is unmatched in the portable sanitation industry today.
  • Height: 91" (2311mm)
  • Width: 51.5" (1308mm)
  • Depth: 47" (1194mm)
  • Door opening: 75" (1905mm)
  • Floor area: 1036 sq. in. (0.67 sq. m)
  • Standard tank vol: 80 gal. (333L) w/o urinal
  • Weight: 299 lbs. (136 kg)



Deluxe Flush model provides the most upscale portable restroom experience available today

Meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s guests with accommodations including a commercial quality stainless steel flushing bowl, hands- free foot-operated handwashing system, and no shortage of toilet paper with the four-roll dispenser.